Saturday, November 8, 2008

Café Klatch Reviews: French Kiss by Sloane Taylor

Café Klatch meets the second Monday of each month...
Where: McKenna Café Lotti
When: 7pm to 9ish or closing

Recap: Last month five of us gathered for dinner, dessert, coffee and a discussion on the second book in Nora Robert’s “Sign of the Seven” trilogy, The Pagan Stone. All of us are hot to get our hands on the third book that’s in stores on November 25th. So far, the first two books have not disappointed: great characters, exciting (and very spooky!) story, seamless plotting.

One problem we’ve noticed is that our group tends to go off target so much – talking about the Lotti’s food, hot guys, etc. – that we really don’t do justice to a full length novel. Therefore, we decided that maybe we could get through a sorter book and so we voted on doing a novella this month.

This month’s Café Klatch review is for:
French Kiss by Sloane Taylor
Available from Eternal Press

Hot, hot, hot is the first thing we’d all like to say about this book. We suspect we’d say that about most of Ms. Taylor’s work as on to specifics. The suspense is just as intense as the sex scenes in this story about Rachel Conklin, a children’s author who is shanghaied by sex traffickers in the Mediterranean. She escapes, washes up on an island near Nice
during a storm, and is rescued by a gorgeous French pediatrician named Henri Bernier. The evil sex-traffickers’ leader, Captain Gagnon, is still looking for her though. Meanwhile, so as not to become part of a media circus, she’s trying to keep her identity secret even from Henri, with whom she is falling in love. (And they both fall into the sack a lot, too. We really had to keep our voices low when discussing those parts even tucked into the back corner of the restaurant!)

All of us who attended the discussion agreed we need at hot pediatrician like Henri in our town. If we did, all the children would be super healthy form the extra appointments their moms would schedule to swoon over his sexy accent, among other things.

French Kiss gets a rating of 3 chocolate truffles and a definite “oo la la” from us!

For excerpts and other reviews go to Eternal Press or to
Next month’s book: Angel Gets Her Wings by Kat Duarte

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