Sunday, December 14, 2008

Café Klatch Reviews: Angel Gets Her WIngs by Kat Duarte

Café Klatch meets the second Monday of each month...
Where: McKenna Café Lotti
When: 7pm to 9ish or closing

Recap: Last month five of us gathered for dinner, dessert, coffee and a discussion of Sloane Taylor’s hot book French Kiss. We loved it and her style of combining romance, suspense and some pretty steamy sex scenes. Her stories are definitely “Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell” as she says on her website. It looks like we’re not the only ones who feel that way. Ms. Taylor has been announced as a finalist for the EPPIE Awards, which we hear is like the Emmy Awards of ebooks.

Imagine how excited we all were when she actually dropped by the Lotti for a visit! Not only that, but when she heard our book for this month was Kat Duarte’s new one, she volunteered to write up a review on it for us.

This month’s Café Klatch review is for:
Available now at Eternal Press

Here’s that review by none other than EPPIE finalist (we’re so excited for her!) Sloane Taylor:

Angel Martinez O’Reilly is a hot seraphim wannabe who finds herself aboard an airplane Christmas Eve among exuberant travelers who have more than indulged in holiday spirit. With her Naughty and Nice candidate list in hand, she discovers two more people who need her help.

Computer nerd Eugene Freeman is sexually inexperienced and programmed for great things in his life. All he needs now is a self-confidence boost to propose to his true love.

Stewardess Bitch Jeannie Wilson is the woman you love to hate, but this sex queen delivers satisfaction like none other.

Captain Sean Conlan dreams of his future but lacks the strength to follow though. Angel is more than willing to help Sean overcome any problem.

Celeste, the mother of all cherubs, pops in to oversee Angel, offering delightful pearls of wisdom along with caustic humor.

It’s Angel’s job to make it all work out. And it’s Angel who will win your heart as she travels her own journey to self-discovery.

ANGEL GETS HER WINGS is perfect to kick start to your holidays. Ms. Duarte has penned a poignant, squirm in your chair sexy read filled with humor and sincere emotion along with the hottest sex I’ve read in a long time. This talented author made reading the last paragraphs difficult through the happy tears in my eyes. I certainly hope Ms. Duarte creates a series based on the ultra hip Celeste.

We agree with Sloane on this one. Angel Gets Her Wings gets a rating of 3 peppermint chocolate truffles from us. It’s truly is a holiday treat! For more on Kat Duarte’s work check out her websites:

Remember to check out Sloane Taylor’s latest work at her sites:

Next month’s book: Psychic Passions by Ally Robertson

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