Sunday, October 26, 2008

DISHING DE JOUR: gossip from the McKenna Lotti

Postcards from Budapest, Bucharest, Monaco and Istanbul were received from former Lotti manager Hilary Samuels who tells us that her studies, through a private European university, are keeping her on the run. She also mentioned that while the coffee in Europe is great, she still misses her morning non-fat, Lotti Espresso Mocha deluxe.

N. Edison dropped by to say that, after reading this month's "Sense of the Season" column, she wants April to know that yellow mums contrast well with her redwood house siding. Although she thinks April's three colors of mums looks nice, "simpler is better" (and she's quoting April there) in her book, too.

Speaking of mums, they are three for $18 down at Bob & Suzie's Farmstand. They said all colors of the mums are going fast, so stop by soon.

The big news in McKenna is that Frank Poore, down at the realtor's office, finally sold the old Neilsen place. The two story, three bedroom bungalow and its 2 1/2 acres out at the end of Old Mason Road was purchased by none other than Kat Duarte. The paranormal romance/erotica author has a new book coming out in December (Angel Gets Her Wings from Eternal Press, December 7th release), but everyone in town is talking about her first book Rise of the Wolf which was set right here in McKenna. Some of our residents (former and current) had their names used for characters i the book, including our own April Garza. April says it's all in good fun and that is was done with everyone's permission to help promo (which means "promote" or "advertise" in author talk) the opening of the new Lotti here. She wanted to remind everyone that Ms. Duarte writes fiction and not to believe the town is overrun with werewolves or vampires or to think anything went on between Hilary and her boss, Nathan Sutton except business. (And not the behind the scenes kind in the book!)

Don't ask me to confirm or deny any of this. I write up the gossip, but I don't pretend to understand half or what's going on in town.

Your reporter,
Cyndi Swanson

P.S. I don't know why we're not reading that book for the next Cafe Klutch discussion. Go figure. I got myself a copy anyway. And if you want to, go to Eternal Press and get a copy, too.